Firegraphic 11



Firegraphic is a powerful tool among others to view files. In addition, the program has features that allow for cooperation with external devices (scanners, digital cameras, printers). Thanks Firegraphic in a very simple way we remove photos from our camera to a computer, and then we can print them for example. In addition, the program lets you make simple photo editing by improving the contrast, brightness, color matching or trimming. The application supports media files in formats such as *. Avi, *. Bmp, *. GIF,. JPEG, *. MP3, *. Mp4, *. Mpeg, *. Mpg, *. PCX, *. PNG * . PSD, *. RAS *. RAW *. TGA, *. TIFF, *. wav, *. WMA and *. WMV.
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Firegraphic 11

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