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Create your own AVCHD structure by editing and removing extra streams or clips you do not want to use. Order your playlists, add chapters, and then press GO to create a blu-ray compliant output or an AVCHD structure in short or long format. You can also create a personal copy of blu-ray movie. Strip and remove all unwanted extra files, one by one, or remove all items except the main movie. VSO AVCHD Editor allows you to drag and drop files easily into the interface, edit playing order of files, use custom chapter editing, set the interface mode you prefer (easy, advanced, or pro). Support Formats: Input: avchd/blu-ray root files (index.bdmv, index.bdm, movieObject.bdmv, or movieObj.bdm) playlist files (playlist.mpls or playlist.mpl) clip information file (*.clpi,*.clp) .mts or m2ts if or if it has its corresponding clip information file Output: AVCHD short format AVCHD long format Blu-Ray compliant
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Free AVCHD Editor

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