Freelance Time Logger 1.0


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This is a simple program to help keep track of the amount of time spent on projects.

It displays the amount of time that has been spent on a project for today, this week, and in total.
The time for the day and week automatically reset back to 0. The beginning of a week is determined when a project is started. For example, if you start a new project on Tuesday the week timer will reset to 0 every Tuesday.

You can also add time to the total time in the amount of hours (doesn´t have to be a whole number such as 1.23).

To save the logged time, simply Stop the timer.

If you ever need to modify a project´s save file, it can be opened as a text document and goes a follows: project name today´s hours today´s minutes today´s seconds this week´s hours this week´s minutes this week´s seconds total hours total minutes total seconds day of the year this week started day of the year for next week
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Freelance Time Logger 1.0

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