ftp desktop 4.01


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* File management integrated into Windows Explorer. FTP sites as folders on your disk.

* Hierarchical FTP site manager built into Windows Explorer. Add and remove FTP sites. Change FTP site settings.

* Ability to view/edit remote files without having to download them first. Automatically uploads changes after you close an editor.

* Full drag-and-drop support. Transfer files with just one mouse click!

* Supports cut and paste for file transfers through Windows clipboard

* Supports background file transfers (initiate a file transfer and continue browsing)

* Batch uploads and downloads

* FTP command log viewer built into Windows Explorer (can be hidden)

* Lets you change permissions on UNIX servers in file properties dialog

* Lets you drag and drop an FTP link from Web browser to FTP site manager

* Lets you use a file name mask when uploading or downloading

* Lets you use a file name filter when uploading or downloading

FTP functionality:

* Supports FTP servers running on UNIX, Windows, VMS.

* Resumes broken downloads and uploads

* Passive mode support, configurable for individual site

* Lets you move files from one FTP directory to another without downloading it

* Lets you issue custom FTP commands.

* Lets you specify user-defined FTP commands to automatically send after logon.

* Supports site-to-site file transfers

* Sends keep-alives to prevent connection timeouts (can be turned off)

* Configurable cache for directory listings and files

* Proxy/Firewall support

* Automatic upload filename case conversion

* Recursive delete of remote directory

* Supports DOS-style directory listing

* Show Permission information of remote listing

* Can show hidden files on remote server

* Highly flexible directory listing filtering that allows you to ignore files by directory or wildcards

* Shows server file time in local time zone according to specified time offset

* Remote file attribute modification (CHMOD)

* Ability to preserve server file time on downloaded files
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ftp desktop 4.01

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