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The component Gantt Control enables software developers to visualize and schedule tasks, activities and events in their own software applications in a flexible way. Gantt Control is adaptable to different requirements and is applicable to most

scenarios e.g:

- Project management

- Scheduling and task management

- Production scheduling

- Employee scheduling

Gantt Chart

Within the gantt chart the chronology of activities and tasks is visualized as bars shown under a timescale.

Properties and features:

Different bar types to visualize planned activities and actual activities. It's possible to apply a hierarchical structure to activities and group them into summary bars that allow collapsing and expanding of tasks.

Objects like milestones, textboxes and images can be displayed within the gantt chart.

Connections between two activities can be specified by parameters like the type of connection (start-finish, finish-start, start-start and finish-finish) or a minimal time range between two activities.

Buffer time, captions, start-, endpictogram, progress and view style can be applied for each single bar.

Bars can be easily moved by the user with drag&drop. New bars and connections can be created comfortable by "dragging them in" with the mouse.

The timescale supports the four different viewmodes "day-view", "week-view", "month-view" and "year-view". Furthermore there are a lot of different options for labelling the time scale.

The integrated calendar modul supports defining and displaying categories for special dates like holiday or vacations. Predefined dates like weekends are already implemented.

The critical path, as the connection of activities that would reschedule the finish date of the project when delayed is calculated and displayed within the gantt chart.

All changes made to the data of the gantt chart can be recreated by using the integrated undo/redo mechanism.
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gantt control activex edition 2012 1.00.0000

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