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PLUS 3D Garden Composer is an award-winning program for the design and maintenance of gardens and green spaces. It is useful especially landscape architects and owners of gardens. The application has a built-in database of plants (there are close to 9000) and the base finished landscapes. The program allows you to design landscapes of all sizes, from small to large gardens and extensive parks. Functions: Use of photos cyfrowychNiezwykle useful features to design the appearance of the area using images projected area. Thus finally, you can design using the pictures around without having to tediously playing her appearance in the program. Imported image becomes the background, against which creates a garden design. Directly on the background of shooting placed plants and other elements making them beautifully blending into the system. You can modify any portion of the background and other objects. Behavior perspective when working with a picture as the background, the program automatically takes care to preserve the right size placed additional objects and components. Advanced graphics capabilities Garden Composer PLUS provides a range of advanced graphical tools allow you to highlight passages and processing photos used in the project. They include: the wand, select rectangular, lasso, etc. These tools allow you to modify and arrange pieces of existing, permanent environment and illustrate the changes. Plants on the walls of the possibility of using digital images also allows the arrangement of the external walls. We can design a beautiful building facades decorated with plants. Garden Composer PLUS will also easily find plants suitable for use on walls. Indoor Plants Another novelty introduced the PLUS version is the ability to design the deployment of indoor plants. Plant Encyclopedia has been updated with hundreds of species and varieties intended for growing indoors. Editor textures Advanced graphics capabilities allow you to shape the appearance of the sky, the water, and other textured surface. This allows for accurate imaging of the project in different weather conditions. Service curves Garden Composer PLUS allows easy plotting and processing free-form curves. This allows you to easily faithfully reflect the real, complex shapes ponds, and paths. For version PLUS the minimum requirements are: PC with min 600 MHz, 256MB RAM, Windows 98/Me/Xp/2000/Nt. DEMO version limitations: - the number of plants in the encyclopedia: 100 (full version - 7500) - the amount mentioned diseases: 30 (full version - 370) - No Editor plants, so the possibilities for adding new plants and textures - no function: recording, printing and Export projects gardens - limited search capabilities of plants (eg, by any part of the name) - no features to shape the terrain - no animation nursing activities - no finished projects gardens - no majority of finished buildings and other garden equipment - no extended database of synonyms names of plants
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Garden Composer 3D PLUS

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