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Giegieo combines the functionality of Microsoft Office Outlook and MSN messenger. It allows us to easily and quickly communicate with people in Outlook. Giegieo displays the status of the persons directly in Outlook, so you always know who the person is available. Statuses are displayed for both Outlook contacts and for those to whom we write, or which are receiving e-mail. If they are available, you can quickly start a conversation with them, AIM, send a text message or a phone call. Version 1.0.0 is the version which was, inter alia, improved application stability. Improvement has the mechanism responsible for matching MS Outlook contacts to MSN contacts on import friends from MSN to Outlook. Released version of the BETA stand new features. The first of these is the Giegieo integration with the popular online locator Zumi. Through this collaboration, it is possible to quickly display a map for Outlook contact from whom defined address located on Polish territory. Another new feature is support for Business Contact Manager 2007. Contacts defined in the BCM 2007 will be broadcast GG numbers, a quick way to start a conversation, and send an SMS. Using Giegieo quickly send an SMS to a contact in Outlook, which has entered the mobile phone number. You can send a message to the operator of Plus GSM, Orange, Era. Giegieo is a free add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook versions 2003 and 2007. For correct operation is required, Windows XP or Windows Vista. The software works with MSN Messenger 8.0 and earlier versions of MSN Messenger 7.x and 6.x.
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Giegieo 1.0.2

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