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Golden Videos is software that helps you convert your old VCR tapes to DVDs or digital files using your PC.

* Easy-to-use VHS converter installs and ready to use in minutes

* Video restoration tools keep your movies looking their best

* Burn directly to DVD or save as digital avi or mpeg file

Bring Vibrancy Back to Worn-Out Movies

Converting with Golden Videos keeps your movies looking their best:

* Golden Videos can be set to automatically correct defects in

analog video to improve image quality.

* Built-in restoration tools including brightness and sharpness controls to bring videos back to life

No Advanced Technical Skills Required

Easy step-by-step wizard guides you through recording options:

* Set audio recording level to optimize sound

* Easily add titles and captions

* Adjust effects before or after your video is captured

* Auto-detects the end of the video so you don't have to monitor

Make Your Memories Multi-Media

Use the Golden Videos built-in DVD burner and file converter to:

* Burn movies to DVD to view on a computer or television

* Keep clips on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPod, or PSP

* Save for YouTube or Facebook and share online with friends
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golden videos 2.02

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