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GoodPlayer is a program for watching movies, dvd, image files and listening to music. The program allows you to play multiple file formats: * Video (avi, mpg, mpeg, dates, rm, rmvb, wmv, mov, asf, mpa, mpe, M1V, MP4, MKV, MKA, qt, m2p, mp2v, mpv2, 3g2, 3gp, vid, divx, ogm) * Music (mp1, mp2, mp3, wav, wma, mid, midi, rmi, aif, aiff, penalty, goal, mpc, m4a, au) * Image (gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, bmp, wmf, png, psd, tga, tif, dib, jfif) * DVD (vob, ifo) * Flash animations, videos and games (swf) * Documents (htm, html, txt, pdf ) Software features: * GoodPlayer has the ability to read subtitles for The Reader (unispiker). * Has color correction brightness, gamma, contrast, hue, saturation, it has a built-in camera in which you can enter the size (height, width), leave the original or the original x 2 * Files are automatically numbered and thrown into the Pix folder. * Has Tag Editor (mp3), artist, title, etc. * In the editor, you can change the name of the file and move the file to a separate folder (applies to each file). * Once the program is running and you click a file associated with it will sound like in Winamp. * Thanks to the intelligent subtitles you wait too long to read all the text. * Has the ability to set frames in the movie if for example you have a movie with the extension mpg or video which is 25 frames, and the subtitles are adapted to version 23.9. Additional features include: * System skins * function * Dragging and lower wholesale renaming of files (Tag Editor) * video * directory merge files such as mp3, mpg * zamykator (closing, opening programs at the set time) * Ability to create chapters of movies, music and dvd * remembers the last position movie or song that exceeds 100 Mbps * remembers the last position movie dvd * remembers to 15 recently opened files * clean history (recent files) * turn off the computer after the movie * turn off the monitor after the film * your * timer switch time monitor * Automatic opening title * Automatic loading all files with the same extension to the playlist * Shuffle * slideshow * playback speed x2 or original * scroll one frame forward * the ability to display video or image file to your desktop * show or hide icons desktop * set image file as your desktop background * Adjust (4:3, original, enlarged) * zoom setting, watching a movie (Zoom) * scroll film using mouse or keyboard * Possibility to delete a file from a disk or everyone on your list * Monitor off under the key * Ability to refresh the desktop * the ability to automatically run at system startup time * manually typing a movie or song to which the program is to scroll * Save, load the playlist in the desired location or automatically * Ability to add a file to the playlist * Ability to save all the files in the playlist * Ability to run 38 programs, including a screen * Ability to copy the file (F5)
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GoodPlayer 3.9.9

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