Granny and Snowmen 1.2



Granny and Snowmen it twisted, free shooter game, in which a very important issue is the player's reflexes and a sharp eye. You play here in the form of a grandmother who lives serving pustelniczki, will have to deal face danger. It turned out that close to her hut, crashed spaceship. His crew to be able to come back at home will need a fuel that can only be done with cookies baked by our protagonist. If you want to take the said goods, the aliens decided to revive the snow snowmen, which ruthlessly attacked the pack babinki property. Interestingly, the form in which is embodied not completely defenseless, it turns out that it has a substantial arsenal of firearms and use it defends his territory. Controlling the game is done using the keyboard (to move) and mouse (aim and shot). The engraving is made carefully, presenting a humorous form. Minimum requirements: Processor: Unknown Memory: Unknown Video card: No Data Available disk space: Unknown card: No data
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Granny and Snowmen 1.2

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