Gratyfikant GT 1.31 SP2



Gratyfikant GT is a modern payroll system, The program is designed for people who are in small and medium-sized businesses deal with issues of human resources and payroll, as well as the accounting offices. Gratyfikant GT has many powerful features useful in HR and payroll. This allows the record keeping aside in the company, issuing various types of contracts, recording payments, also supports the Social Fund, facilitates issuance of tax declarations (such as T-4, T-8A, PIT-11/8B, T-36, PIT-36L, T-37) and social security (such as RCA, RZA, RSA, DRA). The system is adapted to the existing legislation. Gratyfikant GT works with Payer. Software features: * unique and flexible wage model, which gives a lot of opportunities for the creation, management, and payroll for employees;  * Extensive records of employees (medical examinations, health and safety courses, awards, penalties, employment history, the division into groups, assigning attributes, images and more employees);  * Records of contracts with a very flexible mechanism to create advanced pay (many definitions of payments in one contract, global or individual components of salary); * Planning time employee in the employment contracts (work calendar change during the term of the contract, specifying exceptions), print monthly and yearly calendars; * Registry Agreements orders of work and management contracts (including the amounts deductible costs); define flexible payment schedules bills for civil contracts; * Registration actual time worked (overtime, night hours, the hours of absenteeism, accounting for monthly or periodic, eg every three months); * Registry of absence from work (absenteeism, sickness, holiday and many others) for contracts and civil contracts (some absences), comprehensive salary components (calculation, deduction, parametric components, definable components, auto components, high potential parameterization); * Definition of payroll and payroll kits to facilitate and automate the calculation of the monthly salary, accounting for timesheets, chords, commissions, and deduction calculations in any payroll, expanded analyzer payments; * Billing and statement printing bills (T-4, T-8A, PIT-11/8B, T-36, T-36L, T-37), generating data for reporting and billing statements social security.
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Gratyfikant GT 1.31 SP2

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