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GrFinger SDK is a groundbreaking fingerprint recognition Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows you to integrate biometrics in a wide variety of applications. Thanks to its support for dozens of programming languages, richness of code samples, and its thorough documentation, you'll start developing your application in a matter of hours.

The developers will be able to seamlessly add fingerprint recognition to their programs, creating custom one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification applications, such as point of sale identification, time and attendance and physical and virtual access control.

GrFinger SDK features:

* Multiple reader support: including Microsoft Fingerprint reader, Digital Persona U.are.U, Secugen Hamster, Testech Bio-I and Crossmatch V300/V500

* Multiple programming language support: GrFinger's supports multiple programming languages including Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, .NET, FoxPro and many others. Both ActiveX and DLL components are available to use. Sample codes provided.

* Support for internet Java applets

* International quality assurance: we were successfully tested among the world's best fingerprint recognition systems, on a test held by NIST in 2003.

* Outstanding matching speed: with a blazing fast matching speed of 35,000 fingerprints per second, we're absolutely it'll be more than adequate for our needs.

* One-to-many identification

* Trial pack available: you can download our Trial Pack and test it, create your applications and use it non-commercially for 90 days. Once you decide to purchase the FULL or LIGHT edition, you won't need even to reinstall the software!

* Easy hardware-free licensing: GrFinger SDK can be licensed with only a text agreement, shipped through the internet. It's amazingly easy to deploy your software.

* Ph.D. researchers team
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GrFinger Biometric SDK Trial 4.2

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