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Tour GT is a modern system designed for accountants and staff, working in an accounting office. The application can also be useful for a tax adviser. Tour GT is a complement to the line InsERT GT, the GT Computer, Inspector General Gratyfikant GT and GT and GT mikroGratyfikant. GT Office enables efficient handling of large number of players without having to check all supported entities and retrieval of appropriate administrative module. With it, you also change the most important parameters of accounting software and personnel. It is simple and intuitive to use. In addition to offering a fully automates the various commands and repetitive operations that are necessary for the performance of each of the supported entities. The functionality of the Office of GT, generally can be divided into two levels of action. The first is support for working with programs InsERT GT line, the other is the features that make it easy to plan a variety of tasks and control the work of the office. It offers bulk billing and printing of tax declarations, statements and printouts Social Security records of income and expenses, as well as records of VAT.
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GT Office 1.12

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