HD Tune Pro 5.50



A simple and fast program for testing HDD IDE, SATA and SCSI. HD Tune Pro verify disk performance by using the built-in benchmark, which displays the results in the form of numbers and the diagram. The program also displays the most important information about a mounted hard drive - operating temperature, serial number, model name, firmware version, size, sector, buffer, disk capacity, standard, and all supporting technologies (UDMA, etc.). In addition, by using SMART technology (called Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to verify, monitor and communicate the physical hard drive errors. HD Tune Pro is a tool for finding errors in sectors and other locations on the hard drive, as well as to monitor the drive and read speed of reading and writing data. The latest version adds support for hard drives with capacities greater than 4 TB. A new system to alert the user about errors on the flash. Added support for multiple SSD. There were temperature statistics and equipment, and improved SMART function Note: The program is available in the trial version and we can test it for 7 days.
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HD Tune Pro 5.50

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