HDAT2 4.9.3



HDAT2 is a free software designed to test, diagnose and repair all storage devices installed in your computer. The application supports hard drives with ATA / SATA / ATAPI, SCSI, SSD, and even devices connected via USB. With this program, we act on two different levels. Testing at the level of the hard disk drive: The main task is to analyze and repair hard disk drive (regenerate) bad sectors on the storage medium. Testing at the file level: The program reads, checks, searches for items MBR file, directory and boot sector. File systems, FAT 12, FAT 16 and FAT 32. Tests, removes and regenerates damaged locations in FAT file system. No problems detected the device enabled with AHCI and RAID disks attached. It detects a USB device performs various tests for hard drives and blocks security feature (Security menu). Reads the parameters of the SMART ATA, SATA, and SCSI and supports the Device Configuration Overlay (DCO). Caution! The program is designed for advanced users or IT! By using it, we can permanently damage the storage media! HDAT2 charge in the form of an ISO image and then record it on any CD / DVD. HDAT2 operates as a LiveCD / Live DVD. To start, you must restart your computer.
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HDAT2 4.9.3

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