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HyperCare is first and unique software in the world for finding errors of hyper documents - such as html files.
The program can also help you edit those errors easily.

Hyper documents may be on remote site or local files. 1. Remote site
Remote site is just web-site on the internet, the program analyzes it remotely online.
If you are a web master, you can use the software to correct your site´s errors.
2. Local files
Local files are hyper documents in local computer, which can be a group files, such as Microsoft html-help documents and java-sun´s JDK docs, or a single file. Hyper errors include:
1. File format errors
Such as Tag errors, string errors etc. 2. Link errors
Missed links, such as site, remote and file links.
This program can show you details of missed link errors, such as line number and error type, and provides edit interface for correcting link errors, then upload modified file to your web-site for remote site or save it to disk for local files at your requests.
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Hyper Care 1.003

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