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Intellisys Project Desktop is an intuitive visual tool to manage business or home projects. It allows you to organize the tasks involved, assign budgets, estimate costs and create schedules. Visual overviews and customizable reports give a precise view of project status. Print out HTML/PDF reports, task-lists and Gantt charts. Intellisys Project Desktop has all the key functionality of MS Project, without the complexity and feature-clutter.

Intellisys project management software lets you manage your projects from Mac, Linux, Unix or Windows. Access your projects from any location through a powerful interface. Enjoy transparent enterprise wide resource management and scheduling. Empower your managers and employees by providing clients full-featured direct access to project status. Simplify your project planning and tracking by distributing the workload. Communicate project status instantly and reduce time and costs.

Features of Intellisys Project Desktop include automatic scheduling, dependencies between projects, Gantt charting, customizable HTML/PDF reports, customizable working hours for individual resources, budgeting, costing and searchable help. Advanced features include: schedule locking, automatic resource assignment from a pool, cross-project resource management, multiple access levels/views, critical path analysis, resource utilization views, import/export with MS Project, notes, threaded messages and document attachment to projects.
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Intellisys Project Desktop 3.40

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