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iTunes makes it pleasant to handle and play music, movies and TV shows. Version 11 features a simplified Player, completely redesigned store music and applications, and the new iCloud. New window does not have a border around the edges. The iTunes Store is designed completely from scratch - clear design makes it easy to browse the popular things and discovering new ones. Music, movies and TV shows purchased from the iCloud are now displayed in the library. To see it, simply log in with your Apple ID. Double-click to play them directly from iCloud, or download a copy, which you can sync to your device or play outside the network. Function introduced next. Now you can easily see what songs will be played next - all in one place. To quickly view them, just click on the icon next to the screen. You can also at any time, organize, add or skip songs. New Mini Player. In addition to showing the current track, mini player now displays album artwork adds another music and makes it easy to find songs to play - all in a smaller, more elegant form. Improved search. Finding things in iTunes has never been easier. Simply enter text in the search box and instantly displays the results of the entire library. Select a result to iTunes to him through. Synchronizing playback. Now iCloud remember for you to place a movie or TV show. Playing a movie or TV show episode on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV will resume at the point where you left off.
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iTunes 11.0.2

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