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JTouch is a Java HTTP browser working in both GUI or CLI mode. It demonstrates the provider pluggability of JSSE for Sun and IBM. Also, it gives a low level configuration of SSL cipher suites, enabling security checks of web servers. It's a good tool for debugging or automating complex page checking, refreshing proxy caches,..


general :

1. HTTP keep-alive

2. fully customizable requests with headers and body

3. web server & proxy authentication in Basic & Digest

4. full cookie support for netscape and v1

5. low level time stamps logging, then we know where is the latency (network, web server, proxy)

specific SSL features :

1. SSL provider pluggability with SUN and IBM

2. low level SSL configuration (SSL version and cipher suites)

3. configurable truststore

4. web server certificate can be saved to a file (in order to update a keystore later)

5. SSL random can be downgraded to zero security for speeding up SSL handshakes

6. check all cipher suites against a webserver in order to know its security compliance

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jtouch 0.119b

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