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Jump Jump Jelly reactor is a game that mixes casual strategy and puzzle solving with a variety of different playmodes and challenges.In Arcade mode, you control the jellies and hold back the Rockons to stop them from breaching the jelly gate. But don't worry the Miners, rock's natural enemy, will be along to help. In Karma mode you can sit back and relax, collect donations, and unwrap the mystery box. In puzzle mode you will be tested to solve many specifically designed jelly puzzles. In factory mode it will be your job to rebuild the jelly factory bit by bit, and get it back up to full production. Of course none of this happens without jelly coins. Each mode will give you the opportunity to collect jelly coins. The further you get the more coins you can collect. Coins are used to fix up Karma temple or the Jelly Factory and can also be used to decorate and improve Jellytown itslef. Watch Jellytown come to life as you buy more buildings. Still not enough for you? Challenge yourself while playing Arcade or Karma mode to win one of many skill based Awards. Still too easy? Play Expert Arcade or Expert Karma mode. Jelly Reactor is a deep game with a lot of variety to offer and will keep you entertained for hours.
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Jump Jump Jelly Reactor

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