KAL-Online may not be as well known as some of MMORPGiem games of this type, but it is certainly worth considering. Presumably, the typical samurai armor that takes place in ancient Japan, but certainly in a fantasy world. The story is based on the myth of the seventy-fourth war between Ha-Nin and Ban-Go. There are three professions: Knight (male), Sagittarius (female), mage (female). Unfortunately you can not change your sex, but can be determined expression on his face and hair. The interface is very similar to "Lineage 2", so when someone has come into contact with this game should not have any problems. The great advantage of the games are low maintenance. Graphic design looks very nice. Playing helpful. Requirements: - Pentium 3 CPU - 128 MB RAM - VGA 16 MB RAM 3D accelerator - DirectX 9.0c
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