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Kinect Toolbox is a set of useful tools for developing with Kinect for Windows SDK.

It includes helpers for gestures, postures, replay and drawing.

List of features:


* SwipeGestureDetector can detect the following gestures

1. SwipeToLeft

2. SwipeToRight

* TemplatedGestureDetector can record gestures in a learning machine and detect them later. Using this class, you can detect every kind of 2D gestures (letters, geometric shapes such as circle...)


* AlgorithmicPostureDetector can detect the following postures:

1. None

2. HandsJoined

3. LeftHandOverHead

4. RightHandOverHead

5. LeftHello

6. RightHello

* TemplatedPostureDetector can record postures in a learning machine and detect them later. Using this class, you can detect every kind of 2D postures (letters...)

Skeleton Stability

* BarycenterHelper can indicate if a skeleton is static or is moving. This allows you to determine if you can launch gestures detection or not.


* SkeletonDisplayManager allows you to draw a skeleton frame on top of a WPF canvas:

* GestureDetectors can draw recorded positions on top of a WPF canvas

Skeleton Record & Replay

* Kinect Toolkit includes a set of replay classes that allows you to record and replay a kinect session. It is much easier to debug and develop when you don't always have to stand up :)


* ColorStreamManager & DepthStreamManager help you to draw Kinect streams content

Voice Commander

* Voice Commander can use a list of words and raise an event when it detect one of them (using the microphone array of the sensor)


* BIndableNUICamera allows you to bind the elevation of the Kinect camera in a WPF application
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