KSH 2.09.A



KSH - Commercial Book allows you to conduct a full accounting based on a flexible chart of accounts in companies of any industry and budget entities. This application allows you to perform all advanced accounting operations, ranging from a complete service, clearing and settlement of contractors, operating system, e-Statements, and ending with the ability to generate a number of reports and statements. Depending on the version allows you to keep an account of one or more companies, and specifically for accounting firms prepared solutions significantly simplify daily operations. One of these mechanisms is to facilitate the posting of such accounting templates, you can book quickly and correctly up to 400 invoices per hour. The latest version includes a second phase change of the VAT and the so-called relief for bad debts. It is possible to draw Annex ZD VAT to the VAT-7. To this end, the program was introduced special dialogue can freely edit the adjustments.
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KSH 2.09.A

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