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Kurupira WebFilter is a powerful and totally free tool for parental control. The application provides, inter alia, blocking dangerous content available on the website, as well as controls the time the child spent in front of computer. Kurupira WebFilter program also allows you to manage applications on Windows. We can use this application to block access to some of the programs installed on your computer. Among the available tools, we find an intelligent filter that blocks access to dangerous websites, as well as a special service to run the database containing white and black list of sites. Kurupira WebFilter also controls the time your child spends on the computer. You can set the program so that only the areas you will have full access to the computer. There were special options in the management and supervision of messaging and social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter). The application is simple to use and you start is in the form of an icon in the system tray.
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Kurupira WebFilter 1.0.32

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