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If you're self employed, a contractor or otherwise find yourself stuck on your ass all day in front of a computer then you need this.

Lazy Ass is a desktop application for your PC that will remind you to get of your bum and do something every 50 minutes. It's not healthy to be sat down all day and Lazy Ass will help you by randomly selecting an activity for you to do for 1 whole minute. Not only that but it will take over your PC for that minute so you can't just ignore it!

Lazy Ass Activities

* Pushups

* Pullups

* Situps

* Walk

* Star Jumps

* Bicep Curls

* Squats

* Plank

You just work like you normally would and Lazy Ass will remind you to get of your behind and do something. This is all based on NEAT research, you might think that doing nothing followed by an hour in the gym a few times a week is enough but it's not. Our bodies are designed to be much more active than that and we should never go more than an hour without moving. This software will help you to move more.
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lazy ass 1.0

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