Libellus Personal Library v1.2b


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Libellus Personal Library allows you to enter the books you own only by typing the ISBN, either one at a time, or in "batch" mode. It uses web services to download what information is available on the book, and fill the rest in for you. You can keep up with a list of the books you own, your wish list, as well as loan out books, or check in books. You can also print out your inventory or details on a specific book. It is now completely open source, licensed under the LGPL.
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Details and List in win 8
"Hi, you all Let's directly to the point. the windows shows on details when i open it, and i want it open on "List". my OS is windows 8 beta and i have enjoyed it since the installation. Does anyone can help me in this? many thanks in advance...."


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Libellus Personal Library v1.2b

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