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The library is a program for managing school libraries (Middle School / Elementary School). This allows you to define a list of students and assigning to each rental history books. In addition, there are options for searching students, as well as direct viewing the history of the student loan and return of books. The advantage of the program is a module that display the statistics the number of students loans, the number of currently borrowed books, information about the classes that lend the most, etc. Software features: * Ability to set whether the book is returned or not, * convenient list of all currently rented books * convenient list of books borrowed, for which the deadline for repayment, * all lists can be printed as a convenient table in black and white, * to make copies of the database, * the ability to set the time intervals in which it is to be automatically executed copy of the database, * the ability to change return date books (typically 30 days), * can set the program to turn on automatically when the system starts, * drawing a graph amounts borrowed books from each class (you choose which), * the ability to set the title, color bars and graph display mode, * graph can be directly copied into memory and paste into Word for example.
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Library 1.0

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