LingvoSoft Suite 2008 English Angielski-2.1.28



LingvoSoft Suite 2008 Angielski <-> English dictionary and a suite of tools for teaching. The primary tool of the package is a two-way English-Polish dictionary that contains over 400 000 words and phrases in both languages. Another interesting application is LingvoSoft FlashCards 2008 (Angielski-English), it is used to learn words in a given field. Words are divided thematically, and for each category are displayed statistics relating to the knowledge of the topic. LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 (Angielski-English) used to practice pronunciation of words. The program has a built-in voice-over so you can listen to the selected word. LingvoSoft Talking PhraseBook 2008 (Angielski-English) is an application supporting science returns and phrasebooks. Includes ready-made base of sentences that can be used in various situations. They are divided by category, of course, it's easier to browse. Additionally, the program comes with a voice-over, and allows you to listen to some sentences. The package also includes application LingvoSoft Application Manager 2008 that allows you to manage and update the various programs under the sign LingvoSoft.
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LingvoSoft Suite 2008 English Angielski-2.1.28

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