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Lottomaniak.NET aims at supporting player in all games of chance, at any time of the day, all over the world. No program can not give "lucky numbers", but there are applications that provide a more "thoughtful" game - Lottomaniak.NET one of the best in this group. The main advantages Lottomaniak.NET - continually updated game scores - 17 different statistics - filtering - printing coupons betting systems - filtered - import / export game results - search results draws - checking companies updated game scores (game results can be updated on two ways): - from the window Lottomaniak.NET - through the program Lottomaniak Checker placed on the bar "quick start". - From the windows update the above list of applications of statistics in the current version of the program: - The most common number - Even - odd - Sumy - Aftermath - Systems - Fields horizontal - vertical areas - Areas Cross - End of numbers - the difference max and min - intervals - intervals Archive - Contents - last draw - Areas wheel - Numbers lazy - Paris - Temperatures filters filtering is to reject the "least" probable combinations. It is one of the most important functions of the program. Filters are set based on the values ​​of previously selected statistics. Printing plants Lottomaniak.NET program can print on all kinds of betting vouchers and all kinds of printers - to the print settings panel. Filtered systems is a combination of combinatorics with a filtering function - at the beginning of all the combinations are generated from a predetermined set of numbers. Then, we generated combinations "make up" on the basis of pre-defined filters. Import / export of results Lottomaniak.NET program can read or write the data to a text file draws. Search results draws searching the results of the sweepstakes can be found where there were numbers given by us. Checking plants And thanks to my plants can save companies of bet of the day. We can see if the plant has not occurred in previous draws, check the amount of hits, hits print the report.
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Lottomaniak.NET 1.3

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