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LXiMedia Center is free software that lets you play media files from your computer directly on devices that are compatible with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). With this tool, you can play audio and video files on your TV, game console, and other devices. The LXiMedia Center is a media center for media playback and in addition works with devices by transcoding the MPEG2 format. So they can be played on any device that supports DLNA. In addition, it supports subtitles and also allows you to select the appropriate language. LXiMedia Center supports high quality video at 720p and 1080p and 5.1 channel audio. By working with the database IMDb, also get basic information about the movie (title and description). It is also worth noting that allows you to play DVDs and support high quality rendering of subtitles in SRT format.
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LXiMedia Center 0.3.3

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