M-Minder 3.1


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M-Minder will remind you of user-defined important events on computer startup. At computer startup a list of all events scheduled for reminding will be displayed on screen. After you have viewed the list of events to remember for this day and after clicking the close button or pressing the space bar or the cancel key, the software will remove itself from memory preserving system ressources. It will not run again, unless the computer is rebooted or it is started manually. If your computer stays on all the time you can add M-Minder to Windows´ Scheduled Tasks list to have it run once each day. Features: Future events can be reminded daily up to one year in advance. Events can be unique (with a full date: day-month-year) or recurrent (once each month or once each year). The event description can be modified without the need to re-enter the date and the days advance notice. Scheduled events can be easily removed from the list. A year overview calendar can display all recorded events or only selected events for the current year or for future years. The year overview provides a search function to display only events satisfying certain criteria. Option to export a chronological list of all events for a given year or only events satisfying search criteria. The list is exported in HTML format and is displayed in the default browser.
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M-Minder 3.1

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