Mahjong Escape - Ancient China



Mahjong Escape - Ancient China is a clone of the Chinese game Mahjong. The principles are the same as in the original. It is, so to take the stones out of the placed circuit. To do this, you need to find two identical blocks that are available. When we take a pair of rectangles, two closely lying reveal themselves. This rule applies to the characters and digits. You can combine the stones that have the same subject, but not identical, eg, plants, seasons, etc. As we are in a situation with no traffic, you can use the mixing of bone (Shuffle). In a situation where there is a combination and you can not see it, it is helpful hint (Hint). Position offers two game modes: Classic and Adventure Dynasty. Trial hour allows you to play.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 350 MHz RAM: 128 MB  Graphics card: not available  Free hard disk space: not available  Sound Card: no data
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Mahjong Escape - Ancient China

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