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MathLanders A+ is an original math software for grades 1 to 6 whose main goal is to motivate students to perform massive amounts of math quizzes, with no external enforcements. From the extended testing we did along the past year of MathLanders A+ development, we are proud to say that many of its users performed over 10,000 math quizzes per year, all by their own will. This was possible through MathLanders A+ unique methods.

Our focus with MathLanders A+ is to determine kids to willingly perform math work. The traditional approach to attract kids to use math programs is to embed as many pictures, videos, games, colors and other media into these programs as possible. But these methods usually don't work for too long, even though some of the math software available today is of high quality in terms of educational material presented.

We took a different approach, and we were right: rather than overloading the kids with media which in fact distracts their focus from the task at hand, MathLanders A+ builds long lasting motivation by offering different, more natural and effective incentives and rewards such as earning math money that can be used in various ways, limiting computer access time based on the amount of math work performed (buy computer time), offering personal best scores to be beaten and rewards upon reaching milestones, engaging in competitions with other MathLanders A+ users, and other. Videos, math and logic games and other multimedia elements are not absent, but they are not mixed up with math quizzes, and are offered in an original way through a separate interface.

To have a better feel about MathLanders A+ and its methods, browse through the website and learn more. But don't take our word for it. If you are not convinced MathLanders A+ is appropriate for your kid, you can download the free trial version to evaluate it yourself. We're here to turn your kid into a successful happy MathLander. A MathLander A+.

Please note that MathLanders A+ is still (and will always be) a work in progress. We feel there is still a lot more we can do to improve, and we have big plans. New quiz types and features are continuously being added to the program. Our current focus is to enrich MathLanders A+ with more material for the higher grades, which we realize are not yet complete.

MathLanders A+ comprises a base module with multiple common functionalities, and separate individual modules for various types of quizzes.

The base module has many features, such as:

* detailed quiz categorization and implementation of multiple levels of difficulty in small increments for easier skills progression,
* performance coefficient calculations,
* automatic difficulty level progression based on the performance coefficients,
* MathDollar earnings based on solved quizzes,
* computer access time purchased by the student with his/her own earnings,
* other computer access limitations,
* performance review in form of tabulated solved quizzes with student's answers or performance plots and their evolution in time,
* parental surveillance and control for computer and internet use,
* performance comparisons with other MathLanders users using demographic data,
* online quiz competition between students (friends, school mates or any MathLanders users worldwide)
* math games,
* embeded motivational youtube videos of your preference,
* and many other.
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mathlanders a 1.1

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