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MC Burner fits in the category of high-quality CD/DVD writing software built with user-friendliness in the spotlight. With full-range features and configurable settings to ensure a loyal burning process, MC Burner makes a solid solution for backups and creating/reading ISO files. When it comes to recording data MC Burner is like a master of ceremony with unstoppable flow. MC Burner´s functionality is centered on cutting-edge technology and fully-powered recording engine; any gratuitous addition has been left out for an uncluttered, smooth burning experience - no congested tabs, windows and icons, no pointless options to waste your time. When you launch the program you get six plainly labeled icons placed in the main window to guide through the app´s main tasks: Data Disc (CD/DVD burning), Audio Disc, Video Disc, Write Image, Copy Disc, Read Disc. What you get with MC Burner: Full-support for creating custom data; Multi-option system for rewritable and multisession discs; Multi-option system for creating audio and mixed-mode projects; Multi-option system for creating direct disc copies (on the fly or using a temporary disc image); Disc images burning; Saving (and encoding) of audio and data tracks to files.
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MC Burner 1.4.0

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