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Mendeley Desktop is an advanced program to organize and manage data on your computer. The application is well suited to work together on a project for school or work. It allows you to share your own files, documents and other relevant data, however. The program allows easy viewing, managing and cataloging a set of materials, and is used to create bibliographies in any text editor on your computer. Mendeley Desktop has a special plug with which we can create a bibliography using external text editors. You may add a bibliography and off without ever leaving the text. Just from Microsoft Word or another editor, run a special plug-in and then get access to the database, Mendeley Desktop. It is worth noting that Mendeley Desktop allows you to view and use a variety of documents (PDF, DOC) in equal time, and also allows you to back up your data and put them on external servers on the Internet. Mendeley Desktop is a great tool to work in a small group that work together to create a project for scientific or educational purposes.
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Mendeley Desktop 1.8.4

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