Minecraft - YogBox 1.2.1



YogBox is a carefully designed package best modifications to the extremely popular game Minecraft. The author of this package had gotten all the best accessories with a touch of fun and humor. Of the mods added to the package, it is worth mentioning among other extras such as Inventory Tweaks that improves hand inventory. In addition, it includes the Millenaire - adds a new NPC to existing villages), Mo 'Creatures - introduces new mobs to the game, Airship - the game will be a flying car! Somnia - adds advanced features to the game, including, inter alia, introduces changes into the bed. For a complete list of changes can be found on the official website of the project. Below, take a look at the video tutorial (in English), with which we will learn how to install this wonderful package full of different mods.
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Minecraft - YogBox 1.2.1

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