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Automatic retrieval of Movie Images and Information from the Internet by entering Movie Titles or UPC codes either manually or with the use of a Barcode Scanner. Features: 1) Play Movie files. 2) Scan multiple UPC codes, or one at a time3) Retrieval of Movie Information: Actors, Actor Biographies, Actor Photos, Actor Filmography, Characters,Plot Summary, Quotes, Academy Awards, Writer, Director, Producers, Studios,Movie Ratings, Runtime, Genre, Year and Actor's Oscar nominations and winnings. 4)Retrieval of Images of TV shows as well as other information. 5)Retrieval of Images on virtually any subject. 6)Multiple Modular Window Image System to view simultaneously your entire Main Movie Image collection. 7)Modular Scrollable Windows can display 3 or 4 Images simultaneously and be resized with 4 different magnifications. 8)Keep track of all Borrowed, Rented and Loaned Out Movies. 9)A History Log is created for all Borrowed, Rented and Loaned Out Movies. 10)Print Labels for entire collection of Movies. 11)Reminder Events for all Movies that have to be Returned. 12)Drop down lists for accelerated data entry. 13)Live Tool Tip instructions for easy command of application when mouse is hovered over screen objects and fields. 14)Easy placement of Movie Images,Movie Trailers,and Movie or Music files. 15)Import Movie Data from Programs as Excel etc. and older versions of Movies Database. 16)Automatic Update of Data to new Version 17)Submenu 'check for updates' and Automatic download newer versions. 18) Progress Bars 19) Choice of six Screen Interfaces 20) Modular Realistic Rack Shelf System 21) View Movie Trailers 22) Retrieve Movie or TV listing within the Filmography list of any Movie Star.23)Complete list of Official Movie Web Sites24) Retrieve DVD front and back covers25) All websites viewed directly within Movies Database,with info based on displayed Movie.26) Play Audio with Movies upon presentation of Movie record.27) Genre and Ratings charts displayed.
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Movies Database 1.27

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some are fomer wrestlers and some are tv seohsjwff hardy as daredevilumaga as wolverine's brother in wolverinethe rest are not my favorites butbig daddy v as fat bastard in austin powers 1 2 and 3hornswoggle as mini me in austin powers 2 and 3deuce as hammerhead in spidermanfinlay as patty o brian on austin powersmr.fuji as random task in austin powerstrevor murdoch as mater in carseugene as earl in my name is earlraven as raven in that's so raven (used as a male version)randy orton as batman in batman returnsjohn cena as little miss sunshine in little miss sunshine
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