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For this version of My Daily Metric Readings I have improved the print-to-screen window and the printing of the graphs and report. Multiple printer users will find this version much more user friendly.

My Daily Metric Readings, written mainly for people outside the US, records and tracks blood sugar in mmol/l format, blood pressure, pulse, and weight in kilograms by date and time. There are 22 bar and line graphs so you can track your progress over time. There is also a comments area to be used any way you choose. There is a printed report, which begins printing from where you decide, that you can take to your doctor's office on your visits. All the graphs can be printed as well. Comments are only printed on the report when you have entered them.

The program contains large easy-to-read screens for those, like myself, who suffer from vision loss due to diabetes.

There are a host of utilities such as repair database, backup and restore, compact database and many more.

Readings can be entered in any order and they will be sorted by the program automatically.

The program supports multiple users.

Tracks both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

22 enhanced bar and line graphs for tracking your condition over time. You can step through you readings, both forward and backward, 31 at a time using the graphs.

There is a print-to-screen feature where you can step through your readings both forward and backward eight readings at a time.

There is also a fully integrated help system, just press F1 anytime to obtain help with what you are doing at the time.

When you install My Daily Metric Readings that's what you get, no unwanted tool bars or web browsers to deal with later. There is absolutely no outside intrusion into your system what-so-ever. You're not even required to register.
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my daily metric readings 2 1.25

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