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Finding emails: how it should be! All your emails at your fingertips - lightning fast. Also difficult to find your emails in Outlook? Although Outlook is a very powerful program, most users find it hard to quickly retrieve older emails once they are stored away in a filing system. NEO FIND is designed to fill this gap providing a highly innovative Email Find solution. NEO FIND organizes all emails automatically in the most logical and intuitive way people think about their messages: around the correspondent involved in the email communication. Adopting Caelo's patented virtual folder structure all emails (both sent and received) are organized in a Correspondent folder. This folder can be searched or filtered to quickly zoom-in on the message needed. Never without your messages anymore - they are at your fingertips all the time. Stop searching, start finding your emails! Take full control over all your emails! NEO Find provides a revolutionary approach to truly solve your email retrieval issue. Combining Caelo's award-winning technology with automatic email organization around all Correspondents for both sent and received emails, NEO Find delivers the most natural and intuitive way to look for your emails: just select the correspondent you are looking for and all your messages are there. Zoom-in by performing a Search in Correspondent or by applying a Filter and your email is retrieved within seconds. NEO Find: The only tool available which is not searching your emails but is automatically organizing them so you can find your emails where you expect them to be.
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