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NJStar Communicator allows user to input, read and print Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) languages on normal English or western Windows. It's most useful for viewing CJK web pages, read/write CJK email and newsgroup discussions.

The program also allow user to input CJK language into Microsoft Office, and support many CJK native language programs on English Windows.

What's New:

* Improved: Support for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2008 32/64 Bits.

* New: Support the latest web browsers: IE9/8, Google Chrome 11/12, Firefox 4/5, Opera 10/11 and Safari 4/5;

* New: Support 64 bit Applications on 64 bit Windows;

* New: Support Direct2D and Direct3D Applications;

* New: Support Chinese CNS code, UTF16-BE in Universal code convertor;

* New: Convert Pinyin number to tone, and vice versa in Universal code convertor;

* New: All Chinese IMEs are based on Unicode, capable of input 70,000 characters;

* New: Show the meaning of candidate character by hovering the mouse over it;

* New: Lookup Unicode UniHan and CJK Ext. A/B characters using Radical lookup;

* New: Resize input bar and Radical lookup dialog for larger characters on hi-dpi screen;

* New: All UI comes with English, simplified and traditional Chinese;

* New: Limit the code range for simplified, traditional and HK Chinese inputs;

* New: Option to display inputted Chinese exactly as entered without any conversion;

* New: Pro versions come with 10 to 52 NJStar OpenType PS fonts;
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njstar communicator 3.0.11918

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