NXPowerLite 5.0.6



NXPowerLite for each user of PowerPoint small but invaluable tool to directly optimize the finished presentation. Automatically reduces the size of image files, and embedded in the presentation of documents. NXPowerLite can effortlessly compress your PowerPoint files up to 95% without loss of quality. This allows files are easier to edit, use and transfer. New to the third version of NXPowerLite, presented by the Polish distributor of the company New Media, a refreshed interface and additional work with Word files (*. Doc and *. Dot) and Excel (*. Xls and *. Xi). The new version has maintained full functionality of PowerPoint files (*. Ppt and *. Pps). The program is fast, effective and incredibly easy to use. Just choose a file compression and you click the Optimize button. Compression options are fully customizable, so you can determine yourself the perfect balance between quality and compression. Processing option group to optimize multiple files in a single click, freeing more space on your hard drive. In today's mobile business plays a very large role in device memory and bandwidth. Optimized presentation takes much less space. Transferring files is much faster and without unnecessary costs. Also eliminated the risk of return uploaded files due to their large size. In addition, the optimized presentation of a lot better and faster deal even older, slower computers. Manual optimization is the process very tedious and time consuming. NXPowerLite automates your work by giving you more time to devote only a great presentation. NXPowerLite examines carefully all the graphics and embedded documents in your presentation, and then intelligently selects the most optimal size, file format and the compression of individual elements. This process ensures minimal file size and at the same time maintain the highest quality. Optimized thus presentations retain their format and are fully editable in Microsoft PowerPoint. Advantages: The presentation is and remains a PowerPoint file format (*. Ppt) optimization with just one click Individually adjustable compression ideal presentation file size for sending via e-mail program running on Windows or directly in PowerPoint functions without the need for program compatible with all versions of Windows
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NXPowerLite 5.0.6

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