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Office Enterprise 2007 is the most elaborate version of the popular office suite of Microsoft.Office the 2007 version differs from its previous editions of the particular interface. Besides the popular supports PDF / XPS, and also supports the Open XML. Improved smart tags, further improved collaboration. Many changes can of course be found in a specific application package. The package includes applications: Microsoft Office Access 2007 is a database management program. It allows employees involved in the processing of information can easily access data, easily create clear reports and securely share data over the Web. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows you to analyze and communicate information, and to manage them in order to ensure a supportive environment to make better decisions. Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is a program that can foster cooperation. Thanks to the teams of workers can rapidly and effectively collaborate in workspaces environments - regardless of time and place to work. Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 is an application based on Windows, which allows you to create a functional and dynamic forms, used by teams and organizations to collect, share and reuse information. This allows you to streamline collaborative processes and decision-making within the company. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is a flexible program providing many people one place where you can download almost unlimited types of information to locate data quickly with powerful search tools, and use easy-to-use collaborative tools. This allows users to avoid information overload and can work together more efficiently. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is a news management program, which also offers advanced organization of time and data. Available tools allow you to organize and search for information and prioritize. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager integrates easy-to-use features and customer relationship management, and project management features and marketing with e-mail and calendar. This allows you to save time providing a structured work environment with the use of a friend of Outlook. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is a powerful presentation program that provides the tools to quickly create dynamic and professional-looking presentations using graphics and formatting tools available in the new results-oriented user interface. Microsoft Office Project 2007 is a project planning program, developed to meet the requirements for the organization of work management and human resources. For more information about other products from the Project (Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Web Access) is in the materials for EPM - Enterprise Project Management. Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 is a program that provides the ability to create business publishing and marketing materials. Available tools combine all the functions necessary for the preparation and distribution of high-impact printed documents, posted on the Internet and distributed via e-mail. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is a program to develop and manage a Web site that offers extensive tools to create, customize and add materials to your SharePoint sites. Available tools use the latest design techniques and web content based on recognized environmental standards controlled by information technology. Microsoft Office Visio 2007 is a diagramming program and visualization that enables users involved in information processing and business operations can easily create, analyze, and provide a visual representation of complex information, systems, and processes. Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a program for creating documents, which enables users to develop and share impressive-looking documents using the comprehensive set of writing tools and easy-to-use interface. Caution! The trial version is functional for a period of sixty days. To get a product key to register on MSDN (you must have an account in Live ID, or. NET Passport). If you do not enter a product key program will run for 25 starts.
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Office Enterprise 2007

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