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OpenOfficeT7 is an integrated set of office software tailored to the needs of the Polish person. The program is distributed free of charge. You can legally use at home and on any number of computers. Opportunities OpenOfficeT7 tell capabilities of Microsoft Office. The interface of both packages is similar to each other which means that the users of MS Office will have no problems with the service OpenOfficeT7 and vice versa. OpenOfficeT7 package consists of several programs that work together to allow you to edit text, spreadsheet calculations, creating multimedia presentations, preparing graphics, and creating databases. * Writer (word processor) * Calc (spreadsheet) * Impress (presentation program) * Math (mathematical formula editor) * Draw (graphics program) * Base (a program for creating and maintaining databases) Of particular note is the ability to export created in OpenOffice documents directly to PDF format. OpenOffice can read and write documents in DOC, XLS, PPT used in MS Office. OpenOffice documents are stored in the standard ODF (Open Document Format). ODF standard is recommended for use in the public service in many European countries.
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OpenOfficeT7 2.4.0

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