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With Period Calculator, it has never been easier to manage your menstrual cycle records and tell your cycle status!

Know your periods, and take control over yourself now.

* Keep a period log over years

* Predict the start of next period

* Predict menstrual cycle status

Keeping Track of Menstrual Cycle

Women's essential: easily keep a log of your period records! No guess work when the doctor asks about your last period.

* Add, remove, edit records in the log book view.

* Attach a remark on any period record.

* When adding the current period, just leave out the end date, which will be automatically determined when you add the next period.

* Get simple statistics such as average period length and standard deviation (when there are enough records).

Making Predications

Go beyond recording periods! Period Calculator makes predictions based on past records, a reference for family planning.

* Predict when next period starts.

* Tell the remaining number of days to the next predicted period, or the number of days late.

* Predict the status of each day in the menstrual cycle (e.g., bleeding, fertile, ovulation).

Exporting and Importing Period Logs

Operating system fails? Harddrive crashes? Don't worry, you can easily backup and restore your period records.

* Backup your log by exporting it as a Period Log Book (.plb) file.

* Restore your log by importing it from a previously exported Period Log Book file.

* Can also use the export/import features to transfer your period records from one computer to another.

Customizing Parameters

The following customizable default values are used when there are not enough period records in the log; otherwise, these values are computed based on past records and the default values are ignored:

* Default average period length (e.g., 28 days)

* Default standard deviation of period length (e.g., 2 days)

* Default average bleeding length (e.g., 4 days)

Other customizable parameters:

* Maximum possible period length (e.g., 50 days)

* Day of ovulation before next period (e.g., 14 days)
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