PIT format OFFICE 2012 2.0.1 with license



The professional program with license for commercial accounting tax return for the tax office, tax and accounting firms, along with the ability to correct income tax declarations and sending e-declaration (with electronic signature and without signature). It's free, specialized program through which you can prepare tax settlement for 2012. Designed for small and medium businesses, the self-employed and employees with different job titles. This program allows to easily complete tax returns and account for the Treasury. Clear design, the additional clarifications of its content and how to fill the "step by step", will be for your help in preparing your tax return for the previous tax year. License: Free program without restrictions. gives you two ways to prepare your tax return - with a wizard or active declaration, Declaration wizard allows you to create simple cases tax return by answering a few questions, Active declarations allow advanced users and those with complex tax situation created manually by completing a tax return statement, supports an unlimited number of taxpayers, a convenient base of taxpayers - once entered a taxpayer may be imported in the coming years, do not need to re-enter, after the taxpayer taxpayers automatically transfers data to all the statements and attachments for most taxpayers receive from your employer T-11, the creation of a tax return is limited to prescribing the amount of the resulting declaration as only a real wizard that guides you through the entire tax return system "step by step" - other programs after asking a few simple questions, leave the user alone with the forms and issues addition to the eight types of account statements (PIT28, PIT36, PIT36L, PIT37, PIT38, PIT39) and 7 types of attachments (pitb, PITD, PITO, PIT2K, Pitman, PITZG, Pitz) contains a form VAT-2 and its annexes, check the correctness of the declaration and suggests corrections, guarding the specified limits, send e-statements, contains extensive documentation, a set of rules and built-in controls and contextual hints, print transfers to the tax office, has a current base tax offices is accurate and reliable, because it is created by a company dedicated several years of accounting and tax systems in accordance with ISO 9001, has automatic update version - if your Internet connection software is updated to the latest version it is possible to write statements to a PDF file. The Pit Format is dedicated to all individuals and taxable lump-sum income tax. It supports an unlimited number of taxpayers. It can generate a tax return based on the answers to a few questions, or in the simplest case after the amount of T-11. Maybe also for skilled taxpayers with complex tax situation make blank forms for self-fulfillment. He has extensive help, the system prompts, monitors and verifies the correctness of completing the declaration. Each year, the program is enriched with new and additional funkcjonalności.RekomendacjeOpinie professionals in accounting and taxation allow potential users to choose the best software for tax returns of the many available on the market. The reliability and accuracy of tax the "Pit Format" indicates a recommendation Polish Economic Society. The "Pit Format 2011" is the only one in Poland, received the recommendation.
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PIT format OFFICE 2012 2.0.1 with license

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