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7 Privacy features in 1 program.

'Smart Sense' engine in PopUp Smasher automatically allows new windows you want and will stop popup ads you do not want! No need for you to do anything. We do it all and you will not have to constantly update a list of links or sites which will change when the advertisers see that you have blocked them.

Popup Ad Smasher is your complete ad stopper, beater, crusher, popper, pounder, stomper, cleaner and online armor all rolled into one program!

All internet Annoyances:

Cleans PC automatically.

Password Internet Explorer.

Removes cookies.

Stop Animated Flash ads.

Stop Floating pop-up ads.

Stop Sliding pop-up ads.

Cancel Timer ads.

Remove Web Bugs.

Block Messenger Service.

Stop Message Boxes.

Stop Blinking Picture ads.

Stop Shaking Picture ads.

Cancel 3rd Party Activity.

No Browser helper Object

Auto Cleans Temp folder.
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popup ad smasher 4.1.55

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