portable securefx 6.7.0 Build 110 Beta / 6.6.2 Build 350


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SecureFX is a flexible, secure file transfer application with a visual interface that is easy to learn. SecureFX offers advanced capabilities including site synchronization and automation that help web designers and network administrators streamline everyday tasks. Delivering strong security with SFTP and SSL-based protocols as well as FTP, SecureFX is the tool you can rely on to finish tough jobs - connecting to many different servers, resuming multi-file transfers, and getting through network proxies and firewalls. An optional "FIPS Mode" uses a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library and only allows FIPS-approved algorithms. If you need terminal emulation and file transfer, SecureCRT and SecureFX can share global and session options and host key database so configuring a connection only needs to be done once. Or create a complete file transfer solution with SecureFX and VShell server. SecureFX includes a 30-day evaluation license for the fully-functional application and technical support.
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portable securefx 6.7.0 Build 110 Beta / 6.6.2 Build 350

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