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Press Your Luck ran on CBS from 1983 to 1986, but even fifteen years after its demise on network television, it still remains a dear memory in the hearts of many fans. Even casual game show fans still recall the game´s common refrain: "Big bucks, no whammies!" This version of Press Your Luck is a little different than the game show on television. This version allows you to customize the game from the beginning. You can adjust the scores, number of earned spins and passed spins, and even the number of whammies that you start with. You can also give all three players the same number of spins or have the number of spins randomly assigned. Up to three people can play or you can compete against the computer. Also, this game includes a board designer and a setup utility. Enjoy! Note: Extras for the game such as an extended Sound Pack and Whammy Packs can be downloaded from the developer´s website.
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Press Your Luck v2.01

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