ptz controller 2.7


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PTZ Controller is an application to control Pan Tilt Zoom High Speed Dome. It is a virtual keyboard for PTZ camera with functions of traditional PTZ keyboard hardware. It can control the PTZ camera through RS232 port directly, or through RS485/USB port with a converter. Meanwhile, it's also a good debug tool for PTZ camera's test and install. It is a robust, easy-to-use PTZ keyboard controller.


Support Auto Scan controlled by computer.

Support Pelco D, Pelco P, AD, Bosch and Sony protocols.

Support preset location to allow for memory recall.

Support multi devices, up to 255 PTZ cameras.

COM port and baud rate are changeable.

All available COM ports can be detected automatically.

Easy to use without training.

Customized service for GUI and protocols is available.
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ptz controller 2.7

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