RAKSSQL for Small and Medium Businesses 2012.3.16.941



Scheme for Small and Medium Business - RAKSSQL is a tool that records all economic events occurring in the company, showing a complete picture of operations and financial position. Supports entrepreneurs in the current management of the company and making decisions about its future rozwoju.RAKSSQL system is fully integrated, the data from each business: sales, warehouse management, finance, accounting, human resources and payroll goes to one place where they can be processed further . By integrating each of the areas businesses use to keep up with the necessary information such as the vendor may at any time check the status of settlements with clients, book automatically post the documents of sale, warehouse monitoring states and generate orders for dostawców.RAKSSQL offers a full range of integrated modules that provide support m . in the following areas: - Sales and Service Contracts-purchasing and supply-accounting and fixed assets-payroll-customer relationship management (CRM) - manage sales-warehouse and production-financial-management financial analysis and budgeting-relationship management partners from the EU and from outside the area-remote dostępuUwaga? For the first installation, first download and install the database server RAKSSQL-Server (~ 5MB) and SQL applications RAKS Klient.Przed installing the trial version to get a product key to get one Please contact the manufacturer (Call 022 517 73 50 or e-mail: info@raks.pl). The trial version works for 30 days.
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RAKSSQL for Small and Medium Businesses 2012.3.16.941

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